It’s all about Simply Kona

Good news for the fans of Kona as the young music sensation is all set to release her third solo album Simply Kona before the upcoming Eid.

Asked about the title of the album, Kona said, “The album has been named Simply Kona, as it represents my very own self. As a person, I am a bit fun-loving, spicy and romantic—so is my third album.”

Dilshad Nahar Kona

“The album features 10 tracks and I think my fans will have a good taste of it. The tracks, covering romantic, semi-classical, hiphop and even Nazrul numbers, are expected to fulfill every flavour of the young generation,” she added.

After releasing her second album in 2008, Kona got back to business to enthrall the music aficionados with a different album.

“I have no habit of bringing out an album each year. I suggest the music lovers deserve a certain period of time to listen to the songs of an album. So, I do not make haste to release album every year,” she said.

“For this album, I have to work with three music directors including Bappa Majumdar, Fuad Al Muktadir and Iraj Weeraratne, Sri Lankan hipohop artiste and music director. Bappa Majumdar has worked on six tracks and I believe, his every composition carries a different taste. The rest have been done by Fuad Al Muktadir and Iraj Weeraratne,” Kona added.

“Apart from seven solo numbers, there are three duet songs in the album. Iraj Weeraratne and Bappa Majumdar have sung with me in these duets. The tracks are Dhin tana, Neel pori, Opekkha, Pahara, Biyebari, Tomake, Your love, Jai bhule jai, Bhul and the Nazrul track, Priyo jai jai bolo na,” she continued.

About the new album, Kona said, “Like anyone else, I also wish every success of the album. A few tracks of the album have already received a good response. Tracks like Your Love, Tomake, Jai bhule jai are already being played at different radio stations of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, including the BBC Radio.

Looking back on her early years, Dilshad Nahar, widely known as Kona, takes a trip down the memory lane and recalled, “Music is something with which I spent my childhood and grew up. Born and brought up in a culturally oriented family, I took my first lesson of music when I was only four. Noticing my enthusiasm for music, my parents arranged a music teacher for me at my tender age.”

Though Kona came under limelight for her modern tunes, she has completed her graduation in Nazrul Sangeet from Nazrul Academy.

“And when it comes to Nazrul songs, I think, I still have a lot to learn before bringing out an album of Nazrul songs, because there are so many minute details in the songs written by Kazi Nazrul Islam which I am still in the process of learning,” Kona said.

The song which has brought Kona an instant fame is Jamitik Bhalobasha.

Released in 2006, the track topped the FM radio play lists and later, Kona released her album with the same title.

“Jamitik Bhalobasha, which was released in 2006, featured ten songs — Dil, Krishanchura haat e, Kede kete jay, Oshpussho, Jamitik bhalobasha, Proshno, Ei du chokhe, 1..2..3..Tara, Tumi asho nai and 9362715. The album received a good response because of the versatility in the songs,” she opined.

“I always want to be a versatile singer,” said Kona.

Kona’s second album Fuad featuring Kona was released in 2008. The album has nine songs — Borosha, Akhoni Shomoy, Bhranti, Nei, Shopnobari, Obhujh Proshno, Shubhro Tushar, Kotha Chhilo and Bhranti.

The release of the second album was much-awaited and it did fulfill the expectations of the music lovers.

“The response I got for the second album was really inspiring,” She said.

About music, Kona said, “I love music and music will be with me as long as I live.”

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The Daily Sun