Buet teachers embarrass me: Nahid

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Thursday said Buet teachers did not show respect to his initiative to resolve the ongoing crisis rather embarrassed him and others who were present in the meeting by deciding to resign en masse.

The minister said this while speaking at a rushed press briefing at the ministry

Earlier, the agitating Buet teachers postponed their demonstration for two days from Thursday to show respect to the initiative of the minister to resolve the stalemate.

“Teachers’ decision to resign en masse is very crucial, because it will deepen the deadlock and create chaotic environment,” said the minister.

The teachers could show respect in real not only to him but also to all if they would not take such a decision right after the meeting, Nahid said.

The minister also called upon the teachers to end the crisis that they created by threatening to resign en masse. Only then, the minister added, it will be a token of respect to all.

The education minister on Tuesday discussed the crisis with senior Buet teachers and former students and vice-chancellors in a bid to solve the crisis.

The movement began after the authorities shut the institution for 44 days in advance for Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr on July 11. The same day, the heads of all faculties, institutes and departments of Buet resigned in a body.

News Source: 
The Daily Star