Tagore songs presented at Chhayanaut

Laisa Ahmed Lisa performed with the Indian singer Pramita Mallick in a duet Tagore song presentation programme held on Monday at Chhayanaut auditorium.
Chhayanaut organised the show as part of its monthly Tagore music presentation programme named Srotar Asor.
Lisa first took the stage and started her performance with presentation of Tagore’s devotional song Prabhu Tomaro Lagi. She entertained the audience presenting some popular Tagore songs like Ke Bosile Aj, Prabhu Aji Tomar, Shudhu Tomar Bani Noy Hey, Kaal Rater Bela and others.
Pramita Mallick presented 12 songs of diverse tastes those Tagore while travelling different countries including Pran Bhariya Trisha Hariye, E Manihar Amay Nahi Sajey, Praney Khusir Tufan and Chhutir Banshi Bajlo.
Srilekha, an associate of the singer, narrated the background stories of the songs those Pramita presented.

source:new age