Mati'r Proja'r Desh-e to be screened in the US

The Seattle International Film Festival is set to open its doors on the 19th of May. The 42nd instalment of the festival is set to see screenings of 400 films from 70 countries. Representing Bangladesh, and the local film industry at the festival, is the feature film “Mati'r Proja'r Desh-e” (Kingdom of Clay Subjects).

Focusing on the story of a child, who has a firm determination to attend school; it brings out the social struggles of children in poverty and through the eyes of a child who cannot gain admission to a school for not knowing the father's name. 

Directed by Bijon Imtiaz, he said that the inspiration came from his great-grandmother's life story and although it is not the exact same story, much of the inspiration has been taken from there. He expressed delight for having the opportunity of having the inaugural screening in the glamorous film festival and hopes the local industry to support its release, which will take place soon.