Hatirjheel-Begunbari project to be opened on Dec 15

State Minister for Housing and Public Works Advocate Abdul Mannan Khan on Tuesday said the Hatirjheel-Begunbari development project will be opened to public on December 15, a day before the Victory Day.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Hatirjheel-Begunbari development project on December 15 as its works are nearing completion,” he told reporters after visiting the project site.

All roads under the project will also be opened to traffic on the day, the State Minister said, adding that a Victory Day programme will be held at Hatirjheel-Begunbari project on the night of December 15.

The project, kicked off in July 2007, was originally scheduled to be completed by December 2010.

But the project period was first extended for a year until December 2011 and later it got another time extension until December this year.

Rajuk, assisted by the Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED), Dhaka Wasa, Special Work Organisation (16 Engineers Construction Battalion) of Bangladesh Army, is implementing the project costing over Tk 1971 crore.

Once completed, the project will help ease the traffic situation in Moghbazar, Madhubagh, Ulan, Mohanagar, Daserpara, Rampura, Merul Badda, Gulshan, Tejgaon and Begunbari.

Officials said traffic will be able to move to Gulshan or Pragati Sarani from Tongi Diversion Road or vice versa through roads under the project.

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