WB fails to provide graft evidence: Hasina tells BBC

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has claimed that though the World Bank raised corruption allegations against the Padma bridge project, the global lender could not provide graft evidence in favour of its allegations.(Video included)

Hasina made the comments at an interview with BBC's HARDtalk during her recent London visit to attend the inaugural ceremony of London Olympics 2012.

Earlier, during another interview with BBC Bangla, Hasina has said BNP can join the interim cabinet which would be formed ahead of the next general elections. BBC Bangla published the news on its website late July 29.

"They (BNP) can table a proposal in the parliament on this issue and we together can form a small cabinet and hold the election," said the prime minister.

Hasina further said that she would not impose her decision on her party men about who would lead Awami League after her.

"Awami League believes in democracy, everyone in the party accepts the decision that Awami League takes," said the premier.

Meanwhile, during another interview with BBC's HARDtalk, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the people of Bangladesh are unified.

Part of the interview is given below:

BBC: There is a sense of animosity, a sense that the divisions in Bangladeshi society have not healed which tells me that you have not achieved your aim of unifying your country.

Hasina: My country is unified. My country is unified because if you go through the result of the election you can judge this. Now you mention….about …. listen….

BBC: You have seen military attempted a coup in you country in last twelve months…you have seen the opposition put hundred of thousand people on the streets, you have seen the opposition say that they may not contest the next election because of constitutional changes that you have made which they say fundamentally threatened democracy….

Hasina: ….of course not….

BBC: ….how can you tell me that your country is unified?

PM: Of course not, rather we amended the constitution that ensured democratic right of our people, fundamental right of our people because unconstitutional or authoritarian government cannot come in future, they cannot capture power illegally that we make sure in the constitution. And that we ensure our people's democratic right.

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The Daily Star