Pritish Nandy raises toast to Poonam Pandey

Whether you like it or not, absolutely no one can resist the charm of actor Poonam Pandey.

And it is evident from the fact that the Queen of bold one-liners has managed to trend on Twitter almost at will. Recently, on a lazy Sunday afternoon Poonam tweeted, "Drinking wine

alone on the couch in my underwear with my twitter friends on a Sunday afternoon is a small slice of heaven for me."" And almost instantly she managed to attract attention to the tweet.

Ever since she rode to fame through Twitter, Poonam has managed to get over 245,000 followers. And that number has been noticed by many celebrities. One such response was from Pritish Nandy, who tweeted "I love the fact that @iPoonampandey has more followers than me.

Atta girl, go ahead and drink wine in your underwear. More power to you."

Adding on the fact that Poonam has got more followers than Nandy, he later tweeted that he admires her attitude. "I like her spunk. @iPoonampandey" is what Nandy tweeted about the leggy lass, who is set to make her Bollywood debut this year.

More power to Poonam!