I’m a fu***n’ superstar: Shahrukh

This man doesn’t know how to mince words. He means what he says and there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Shah Rukh Khan is indeed a self made personality who has risen to the stature of the King Khan of Bollywood. In an interview conducted recently, SRK spoke about how he manages his hectic schedule.

Besides being an actor, SRK also happens to be an entrepreneur. Co-owner of Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan keeps juggling between his busy shooting schedule and his commitment towards his players.

On being quizzed on how he manage his various commitments, SRK said, “What hectic? I fly in my private plane. I’m a fu***n’ superstar man! I live in a presidential suite. I go cheer for my team, wish them luck, I get to chat up with people outside work and I enjoy it.”

Now SRK heads to Hollywood

Last year, a huge buzz was created with reports that actor Shah Rukh Khan might play a role in Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s Xtrme City. But when Shah Rukh refused to confirm it, the news died down.

Now, after several months, the actor says he’s keyed up about the project and is keen to meet Scorsese, reports Hindustan Times. ‘I had been very caught up with RA.One, Don 2 and then I straightaway got into Yashji’s film.

So, I could not take any time off for Xtrme City. I haven’t spoken to anyone for a long time (regarding the project).A couple of days back though, I was informed that I need to send an email (about the film),’ says Shah Rukh. He adds, ‘Yes, maybe when I am in the US next time without facing many problems (laughs), I plan to go and meet Mr Scorsese to see what development has happened to it. I haven’t been in touch with Mr Scorsese. But I am sure it will be an interesting film whenever we start it. It’s not a project that you can start immediately without thorough preparation,’ he says.

To be produced by the multiple Oscar-winning Scorsese, Xtrme City is to be directed by screenwriter Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull fame.
The film is a cross-cultural thriller, a tale about two men from radically different worlds.

Best known for being a family man, SRK makes it a point to give his family quality time. He said, “I usually plan my shoots in a way that I can spend ample time with my family too.”

That’s very much like a pakka superstar!