Mahi: A new Dhallywood sensation

Mahiya Mahi has created a buzz within a year after her debut in the film industry through Bappy Chowdhury’s commercially successful venture Bhalobasar Rang released in 2012.

All the five films in which Mahi played the ‘heroine’ such as Bhalobasha Aaj Kal, Anya Rakom Bhalobasha and Tabuo Balobashi became commercially successful. Paired up with Dhallywood heartthrob Shakib Khan, Mahi won the hearts of the film lovers through her acting in Bhalobasha Aaj Kal, which became a box-office hit in the last Eid-Ul-Fitr.

In an interview with New Age Mahi said that she is now working in eight commercial films.

‘In my early days I wished to be a physician. Later, I was interested in modeling. While appearing in a photoshoot, I got the offer to act in film. And I agreed to act in Bhalobasar Rang,’ Mahi told New Age.
The film, produced by Jaaz Multimedia, was in fact the first digital film that got commercial release in cinemas across the country and made ‘unexpected’ good business. According to the box-office sources, Bhalobasar Rang was the 3rd highest grossing film in 2012.

Though mainly a romantic actor, Mahi has tried her hand in working in a daredevil role in the upcoming film Agni. Mahi shared her experiences of working in Iftakar Chowdhury’s Agni - where she plays the title character - and about her experiences in other

‘I love challenges and diversity in my characters. And films with unconventional storyline hold a great deal of appeal for me. The films I have acted in before Agni were all romantic films, but Agni is completely different. It is a story about a female secret agent who fights against all the rogue agents of the organisation,’ said Mahi, about the film where Arefin Shuvo acts against Mahi.

‘It was a challenging task for me to act in that daredevil character but I overcame the challenge and I hope the audience will love the film when it will be released,’ added the artiste.

She further said that the viewers will love her performance in another upcoming film Dobir Shaheber Sangsar, a family drama by Zakir Hossain Razu, which will also be released soon.

Source:New Age