Mahiya Mahi: Set a firm appearance in the film industry

Dhaka, June 29 ( With the success in three movies at a time promising film actress Mahiya Mahi came into limelight in the country’s film industry at present. She debuted her career in this industry by performing in Shihab-Shahin directed movie “Bhalobasar Rong.”

Mahi appeared in role of an independent minded teenage girl. Later she appeared in another type in her second movie “Anyorokom Bhalobasa.”

Viewers found a new Mahi in her recently released Zakir Hossain Raju directed movie “Poramon.” She appeared as a fairy in this movie instead of her urban gate-up, which attracted the viewers at all.
By performing in movie “Poramon” Mahi has proved herself as a reliable actress who has an ability to perform against any hero.

Bappi was hero of Mahi’s first two movies, while Symon performed against her in movie “Poramon.”
With her success in three movies at a time, Mahi has made a new window for the directors in our film industry. Filmmakers are marking Mahi’s name in the top list now.

While talking with her Mahi told this correspondent, “I have engaged myself in many movies. I have already started to work in some of those movies. Now I am working with movies “Agni,” “Janeman,” “Dobir Saheb-er Sangsar.”

Mahi acted movie “Bhalobasa Ajkaal” will face a tough contest during the upcoming Eid festival. Sakib Khan performed against her in this movie directed by PA Kajol. For this reason, viewers are now waiting to watch this movie.

News Source: New Nation