Shironamhin to release self-titled album internationally

Dhaka, May 28 ( Rock band Shironamhin is ready to offer its fans a whole new range of songs as all the members are very busy with their much awaited fifth album, which is going to be a self-titled album.

Shironamhin will feature 10 tracks in the upcoming where each track describes different stories of life. According to the band, the new album will comprise lots of experiments.

Bassist Zia explained, "We always try to portray a specific incident or period, that will remain with the listeners even after many years, through the songs. In the upcoming album we tried to do the same."

Regarding keeping the album title as "Shironamhin", Zia said, "We are producing the self-titled album after 16 years of our journey, considering that we are now popular enough to release a self-titled album."

In this album different kinds of classical instruments are injected into the tracks along with guitar, drums and bass. Previously the band used lots of Western instruments like violin, cello, trumpet, coronet, saxophone which introduced a completely new genre to the listeners. All the songs have been written and composed by the band members.

"Brishti Kabbo", "Kichhu kotha", "Achha thik achhe", "Ahoto kichu golpo" are a few songs which will be on the upcoming album. The song "Abar hashi mukh" in this album is a sequel to the very famous song "Hashi mukh."

About their journey so far Zia told, "We have seen ups and downs in our musical life but our devotion to music always inspired us to reach where we are today."

The band will release their self-titled album under Incursion Music. Another good news is the making of "Abar hashi mukh"'s music video has been finished recently. Hopefully renowned satellite channel MTV will telecast the song very soon. The music video is directed by Tanim Rahman.

Self-titled album "Shironamhin" will release world wide. About that Zia told, "We have fans and listeners all over the world. But there are piracy everywhere now. That's why this time we talked with two American companies. They will release our songs in 23 plat-forms and any one could buy the songs through online."

Formed in 1996, Shironamhin started as a BUET-based band, but eventually proved its potential and became a popular band in the country over the last 16 years. Shironamhin released its first album ‘Jahaji’ in 2004. Subsequently ‘Ichchhe ghuri’, ‘Bondho Janala’, ‘Shironamhin Rabindronath’ were released at different times. The band has been featured in several mixed albums such as ‘Neon Aloy Shagotom’, ‘Shopnochura 1’, ‘Shopnochura 2’, ‘Bondhuta’ and ‘Rock 101’.

The band features Tanzir Tuhin on vocals, Zia on bass, Diat on lead guitar, Rusell Kabir on keys and Shafin on drums.