Bijori and Intekhab gets married

Dhaka, Apr 15 ( Famous actress Bijori Barkatullah and actor Intekhab Dinar got married on Pohela Boishakh 1420.

Last Sunday night Bijori and Intekhab got married at Bijori's place in Dhanmondi in the presence of their friends and family. It was a very joyful day for both of the actors. After their long time relationship at last these two love birds got married. They chose Pohela Boishakh 1420, the Bangla New Year, for celebrating their love.

Apart from an actress, Bijori is also a dancer and a model. Intekhab Dinar is known for his acting. It will be Bijori`s second marriage and Intekhab`s first.

Before their marriage the famous actress said,“Intekhab and I are known to each other for a long time and we have a relation mutually, we can't deny that. But the thinking of marriage is totally another concept. I’ve seen too much harsh of reality. I have my parents. They’ll decide about my marriage. And I have a daughter and everything depends on her happiness. If my girl is agreed then I’ll marry Dinar. Even I’m not a teenager girl that I can do anything without making any sense.”

Earlier Bijori got married to music director Shawkat Ali Emon about 15 years ago following a deep love affair between them. They had only daughter Urbana.

But, Emon was arrested following a case filed by his lover Zeenat. Later, Emon married to Zeenat under the pressure of police. After remaining separated with Emon over the last three years, Bijori decided to marry her close friend Intekhab Dinar.


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Very nice and low-profile

Very nice and low-profile wedding, but many fans were upset as they would have liked to attend, even if that meant staying behind a far away fence that would have delimited the perimeter. Well, it seems it was a non-conformist wedding, with the groom wearing great palazzo pants and the bride with a classic white dress. More then that, no one seems to know...

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They look so happy together!

They look so happy together! That's how most of the marriages start. Love is a beautiful complex thing, it can evolve and it can regress, you never know. I learned this lesson the hard way but my lesson was with a happy ending. Sheri Phillips offered us a great support on that.