PM Hasina opens Mirpur-Airport road flyover (Video)

Dhaka, Mar 27 ( The much awaited Mirpur-Airport Road Flyover in the capital, named after late president Zillur Rahman, was opened to traffic today (Wednesday).

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the name of the flyover after its formal inauguration in the morning.

The flyover will usher a new chapter in the road communications system of the mega city. It will facilitate east and west connectivity and reduce travel time of commuters.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the 1.8 kilometer flyover built under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army.

Army Engineering Corps constructed the flyover with domestic resources and talents maintaining its technical standard.

Addressing the inaugural function at Army Golf Club in Dhaka Cantonment, Sheikh Hasina said this flyover will be considered as another milestone among the various successes of the present government.

Terming the newly inaugurated flyover as “another gift” of her government to the dwellers of Dhaka city, she said it will help reduce the sufferings of the people and save time while commuting to and from their places of work.

The Prime Minister said that her government is implementing a number of important projects including Mirpur-Airport Road Flyover to turn Dhaka into a modern, developed city through removing traffic congestion and also increasing its beauty.

She said people living in greater Mirpur area will benefit immensely as their travel time for Airport, Banani, Gulshan and Kuril Badda has been drastically reduced due to the flyover.

They could now easily reach Airport, Banani and Gulshan within 15-20 minutes crossing only three kilometers through the flyover, she added.

Hasina said people of the mega city become victims of untold sufferings and a major portion of their working hours are being wasted everyday due to traffic congestion.

Taking this into consideration, she said, the government is implementing massive infrastructure development programs including construction of flyover, elevated expressway, commuter railway, underground tunnels and ring road and waterways surrounding Dhaka city to get rid of traffic congestion.

In this regard, she also mentioned the opening of the scenic Hatirjheel project, approval of Metro Rail project and inauguration of the construction work of Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover.

Terming her government’s previous term (1996-2001) as the golden era for the people of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said that when Awami League takes office, the people of the country can expect something.

In the last four years, she said, a total of 19,250 kilometers of road and 131,000 meters of bridge culverts were constructed while 1,052 growth centres were developed.

Hasina said Bangladesh is now a role model in the world in the field of social development and human resource development. Bangladesh is now a ‘Star Performer’ in poverty alleviation measures across the world.

As a result of various pragmatic steps of the government, over 5 crore poor people graduated to middle income group, she added.

The Prime Minister said that despite global economic meltdown, the country’s GDP growth remained over six percent in the last couple of years and the position of Bangladesh is now fifth in the world in terms of maintaining steady long-term growth.

She said that her government made massive advancements in every sector including in agriculture, health, education, road and river communication, and also in socioeconomic sectors.

Former President and local lawmaker HM Ershad, Communications Minister Obaidul Kader and Road Division Secretary MAN Siddique also spoke on the occasion.

The Communications Ministry took the initiative to construct the Mirpur-Airport flyover over Zia Colony of Dhaka Cantonment with the support of Bangladesh Army in 2010.

Later, the flyover was redesigned to ensure connectivity in and around the airport area including Banani and Kuril through service road stretching 1.79 km.

The Mirpur-Airport flyover, constructed at a cost of Tk 1.99 billion, has also a link with Banani flyover to facilitate travelers from Banani, Mohakhali, Gulshan and other areas to go to Mirpur directly avoiding the PMO road.

Speaking briefly, Communications Minister Obaidul Kader said the 16th Engineers Construction Battalion of Special Works Organisation (SWO) of Bangladesh Army completed the flyover three months ahead of schedule.



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