BGMEA building: To be or not to be?

Dhaka, Mar 19 ( The High Court is likely to declare final judgment Tuesday on demolition of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters' Association (BGMEA) building, constructed illegally Hatirjheel Lake in the capital, sources said.

A bench of the High Court had pronounced the judgment earlier in 2011, that declared construction of the 16-storey high rise building illegal and as such ordered its demolition.

The High Court bench comprising Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury and Justice Sheikh Md Zakir Hossain passed the judgment after hearing its earlier suo moto rule issued in October, 2010.

The rule was issued by another High Court bench on its own motion when a Supreme Court lawyer DHM Muniruddin placed a newspaper report on illegality of the BGMEA building before the court.

However, a day after the High Court judgment the Appellate Division of the SC on April 5 stayed the judgment following a petition filed by BGMEA president seeking permission to appeal against the judgment.


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Unauthorized construction

Unauthorized construction sites, or if the real estate company didn't take into consideration some traditional landmark is more than an enough reason to initiate a demolition act. However, some services, like provided by NNN commercial real estate for sale, do offer counseling and manage to arrange a truce between the involved parties.

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In the Orient there are a

In the Orient there are a variety of themes when it comes to architecture. Small details, like fleur de lis furniture, or traditional powerful colors create a special kind of atmosphere.

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I've been looking at house

I've been looking at house designs on and I was quite impressed with the project for the BGMEA building when I first saw it. I should have figured out that it would rich a bureaucratic brick wall.

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The TowerGardens were

The TowerGardens were designed by Future Growing and AMPS is responsible for the system layout design, system integration, and ongoing management on the farm. I think they also took a design cue from Coastal Cooling Inc. and I love the final product, I hope they'll be widely successful.

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I don't think it's time to be

I don't think it's time to be nostalgic about on G. Rollie White ahead of its demolition, after all it had a great run, even if it never got listed on Palm Springs real estate. I would only feel sorry for the architect to see such a great building getting demolished and replaced with a new one.

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I'm a skeptical person

I'm a skeptical person myself, that's why I don't believe the BGMEA building will be operational any time soon. I'm also a fan of and to me living in a clean and safe enviroment is essential. I don't think I could be productive or happy any other way.

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I spoke with a friend from

I spoke with a friend from Gosslee who's an expert in real estate about the BGMEA building. Apparently all thr delays have been caused by the excessive bureaucracy and there's nothing one can do but try to continue in spite of it.

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I think this building has

I think this building has just had its fair share of bad luck, bureaucracy and some incompetence. But if you want to see who could get this construction work done fast and nice, check these guys out and you may be surprised!

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If it is an illegal

If it is an illegal construction then this building has to be demolished immediately. Usually the contractors have to obtain permit before starting a project. I have been running a construction company for years and so far I have never ever constructed anything without a permit. I also pay attention to the quality of materials I use. For instance, I buy Steel floor plates only from the reputed online supplier

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This office building could

This office building could become a local icon and would be the perfect place for a Time Clock eShop or maybe for a large corporation, but I don't understand why it's taking so long to complete it. I think there are probably politicians involved who don't want to see it complete.