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Dhaka-11 Feb,

The Dusk of Day 7 :: The nation's voice against the verdict of war criminals are still going strong at the Shahbag Square today. people from all class are gathering in different time span to protest and raise their voice.

|| Latest Update -- (06.22 PM) ::

Shahbag protesters have called upon the countrymen to observe a three-minute silence from 4:00pm on Tuesday to press home their demand for death penalty for war criminals. ||

Students Participation ::

Students from nineteen (19) school and college are taking part in the Shahbag demonstration. The name of the institutions were announced in the mic, some renowned names were Notredame College, bangladesh Commerce College, B.F. Shahin College, Razarbag Police Line School and College, Wills Little Flower School & College, Tejgaon College, Dhanmondi Boys High School, Tejgaon Women Collge, Birsreshtho Munshi Abdur Rauf School& College.

Other than those, Sheikh Borhan Uddin Collge, Gulshan Commerce College, Dhaka Plitechnic Institute, Badrunnesa Collge, Government bangla Collge, BKSP and Nobokumar Institute also took part.

Amended ICT act gets cabinet's approval ::

The cabinet approved the proposal to amend Section 21 (2) of the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 1973, to ensure equal facilities for both the prosecution and the defence to appeal.

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In its weekly meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the cabinet cleared the draft of the proposed bill of the Law Ministry.

Earlier on Sunday law minister barrister Shafique Ahmed told reporters that after approval of the cabinet, the bill will be placed before the Parliament as soon as possible for passage during its current session.

1. Close circuit camera installed --

32 CCTV camera were installed in Shahbag perimeter to ensure safety for the demonstrators.

2. 'Pohela Falgun' dress code --

The demonstrators requested everyone to dress in black for 'Pohela Falgun'.

Laki Akhter Gets Hit ::

Last night around 10.00 PM, a rumor stimulated through the crowd at Shahbag that the pioneer of the protest, Laki Akhter, is being hospitalized. At 11.45 PM, the strong voice of Laki was heard saying-"Sit down, this protest is everyone's protest.."

Afterwards she said-" There's been an incident, I was hit by someone I didn't see, but my fellow friends are saying they will trace him down...but this shouldn't impact our protest...."

The strong voice of Laki echoing through the crowd at Shahbag

Witnesses said last night around 10.PM one of the leaders of Awami League came at Prajanma Chattar. Laki took the microphone saying no one is allowed to deliver any kind of political speech. A student leader snatched away the microphone from her, then someone hit Laki in the head from the crowd, and Laki fell down.she was carried to BIRDEM and was treated there.

Laki Akhter is the leader of CHATRA UNION at Jagannath University. She is the pioneer of this whole protest, yesterday she was quite tired, and at afternoon she went to BIRDEM to recieve treatment. As she was feeling good afterwards, she came back for slogans at around 9.30PM.

After sometime the incident took place.

Reaction of PM and the parliament ::

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday's Parliament session appreciated the vigorous spirit of the youths. In her speech she assured that the demand of people has to be materialized, as they think the verdict is unfair.

"If there’s any weakness in the law, we’ll amend it to make the International Crimes Tribunals (ICTs) stronger,” she said.

“The ICTs will pronounce verdicts…they’ll give verdicts as per the law, but I’ll request them to consider the expectations of the people also,” the Prime Minister said.

Regarding the public opinion against the war criminals, she said the oath they took on Friday was fully logical and she agreed with it.

“Each word of that oath is logical, I fully agree with their oath, we’ll do everything to materialize what you said in the oath,” she told at the Parliament.

“My soul is also with them, I wish I could join them at Shahbagh,” Hasina said thankfully to the new generation, who raised their voices, irrespective of party and path.

The Prime Minister also said she is with the demand of the youths to give capital punishment to all war criminals. “Now I can die with peace in my mind that a generation grows in the country who can lead the nation with the spirit of the Liberation War,” she said.

Regarding continuation of the war crime trial, Hasina said no one will be able to stop the trial process. “If it takes my life, I’ll continue it,” she said.

Bangladesh Cricket Board joins the demonstration ::

Earlier in the noon, few players from National cricket team joined the stream of demonstration at Shahbag, which was led by Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hasan (MP). Former players like Habibul Bashar and Akram Khan also attended the troop of Mushfiq, Mashrafe, Ashraful, Razzak, Nasir and others.

BPL T20 team Duronto Rajshahi separately participated in the protest later, led by the owner of the team.

Musicians Join the massive stream of people at Shahbag ::

Few well-known bands like Artcell, Cryptic Fate, Shironamhin, Dreek, Mechanix, etc. also joined the movement and chorused the voices of the demonstrators with patriotic and own numbers.

Young superstar delivers 7th March Speech ::

A young kid spoke out during the protest against war criminals, the 7th March Speech given by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It was incredible to watch how at a very tender age he picked up each and every words so fluently. It should become the inspiration for us all... ||

Watch the Video

'Gallows' set up at the Prajanma Chattar ::

A ‘gallows’ has been constructed at the roundabout and more and more people are pouring in to witness mock executions.

People at shahbag set up 'gallows' to ask for capital punishment of war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah.

Thousands of people, of all class, resumed to gather on the seventh day at the non-stop sit-in at Shahbagh, although the grand rally ended on Friday, opposing ICT-2 verdict of Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah for war crimes in 1971.

Prajanma Chattar Bulletin

Photo Credit: Kazi Arefin


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Go Forward

Go Forward. All Razakar and al-badars must be punished. Save the nation from all evil forces. After a long time our youths have united and let this united force to bring all good fortune to our nation.

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