Konia-Channel i Shera Kontho 2012 Final round begins tomorrow

Shooting of the final round of ‘Konia-Channel i Shera Kontho 2012’ was inaugurated at Mohammadpur Physical Education College ground in the city on Monday.

The inaugural ceremony along with a ‘Meet the Press’ was organised at a corner of the ground. The three chief judges of this music based reality show Syed Abdul Hadi, Sabina Yasmin and Kumar Biswajit came to attend the inaugural ceremony by helicopter, which was a special attraction of the programme.

Among others, the press conference was attended by Managing Director of Channel i and Impress Telefilm Ltd Faridur Reza Sagar, Chairman and Managing Director of Globe Soft Drinks Harun-or-Rashid and the judges of preliminary rounds Fatema-tuz-Zohra, Shammi Akter, Akramul Islam, Anup Barua, Sujit Mostafa and Chandan Dutta.

The inaugural ceremony and the press conference were hosted by ‘Channel i Shera Kontho’ famed singer Konal, who will host the final round of this contest. The contest, however, is being directed by Ezaz Khan Swapan.

Meanwhile, 55 contestants have been selected from about 65,000 competitors across the country to take part in the final round titled as ‘Musical Round’.

This round will go on air from November 22. However, ‘Konia-Channel i Shera Kontho 2012’ is being aired on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:50pm on Channel i.

News Source: 
The New Nation


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